Unedited: David Koresh and his Branch Davidian Bible Students During the Waco 1993 51 Day Siege

This unedited video, was sent out on March 12, 1993 as a VHS tape by David Koresh during the FBI 51 day siege of the Branch Davidian Center, outside Waco, TX. The tape was intended to show that those inside the compound were not being held against their will, allowing them to talk freely and to humanize them. The tape features David Koresh and 25 followers, including children. In the video, Koresh presents his apocalyptic religious beliefs, and the followers profess their commitment to studying the Bible under Koresh’s leadership. The sound is not the best, nor the video converted to digital–after 30 years–but viewers can easily absorb the spirit and ideas these Bible students of the “Seven Seals” reflected.

The FBI decided not to release the tape to the media for fear that it would cause widespread sympathy for the Branch Davidians, who were being portrayed as brainwashed dupes of the madman Koresh. This is the BEST EVIDENCE we have of what the group was really like during the siege at a point when there was hope for a peaceful resolution. You be the judge…


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