Two Bits of Flash News: Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gospel of Mark, and the Biblical Archaeology Society!

First, MVP, who administers my two on-line courses, and others they offer, has made a decision to offer $10.00 off on all their courses–mine included–for a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale (11/24-11-27). If you want to take advantage of either. You just put in the Discount code: BLKFRIDAY2023 when you check out on purchasing either course.

Here are links for both:

Note: If you sign up for the “Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls” course by Sunday morning you can also join us for our Zoom meeting at Noon EST where we will be exploring the question of whether the idea of a “Suffering/Rising Messiah” is found in the Scrolls. The link is on the main course page.

Second, I just got the word this morning via email that the Biblical Archaeology Society has this incredible discount available–also for Black Friday-Cyber Monday, for both their “All Access Membership” in the BAS library with ALL issues of Biblical Archaeology Review on-line and many more free videos, books, and features. I could not believe this price–$5.00 for a year! Yes, you read that right. It is normally $39.95. I have no financial connection to BAS, but I have been a subscriber since the beginning. I could not do my research without the on-line library. It is just incredible. Here is the link to this unbelievable deal–with a breakdown of all you get:

Biblical Archaeology Society All Access Membership

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