The Dead Sea WAR SCROLL–Is this Text Witness to our First Grand Apocalyptic Failure?

This is a long and serious study based on a lecture I recently gave to my students in the “Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls” course–which is still open to join. We went through a much neglected text–the WAR SCROLL–found in 1947 and seldom mentioned. As it turns out it is the FIRST grand example of Apocalyptic Predictions, Expectations, and FAiLURE from 100 years before the time of Jesus. It dates to the first century BCE–not long after the period of the Maccabees. It is very much an “Apocalypse,” but one that failed to come about! Many of the core ideas resurface in our early New Testament materials–with everything moved forward to the period before disastrous Jewish Roman War (63-73 CE), when all hopes for deliverance were shattered. The translation I use here of the Dead Sea Scrolls is that of Geza Vermes, and you can get a copy at this link:

You can also sign up for the course itself and get these and many more lectures and class meetings and discussions. It is never too late to join the course–and you own it for life. Check it out here to get an idea of what is included:

On-line Course: “Jesus & Dead Sea Scrolls”

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