Teaching My Last Class after 43 Years!

On May 3, 2022 I taught my last college class after a 43 year career at three universities: Notre Dame, the College of William and Mary, and UNC Charlotte. Over the years many of my blogs readers have said they wish they could take one of my courses. In the video below you can virtually “visit” my last class–which was recorded–and I had a very special guest with us that day!

I love my students and loved teaching but now want to turn to other projects and research. In this one hour class, Introduction to Religion, we were pleased to have the illustrious Dr. Robert L. Kuhn as our guest via Zoom. The students and I asked him questions based on his amazing 20 years of PBS programing on his show “Closer to Truth,” also now on Youtube #closertotruth with over 450K subscribers!  Dr. Kuhn covers the BIG Questions–Cosmos, Consciousness, and Meaning, and has interviewed over 500 experts from the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, history, theology, and so forth. As a final class project, after having viewed some of his core videos–we met and asked him these questions. Dr. Kuhn opens up to things with us. If you don’t know his work you should explore. There is NOTHING on the internet to compare. See the index of subjects covered here: Closer to Truth: Content Guide. The list of topics is astounding.

This video was recorded and is presented with the permissions of the students who were part of the class. They had the option to turn their videos off or on…most had them on. You can see from their reactions how much they enjoyed the class, its content, and having someone so prominent as Dr. Kuhn as our personal guest! Enjoy!

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