Tabor Bookshelf: What the Bible Really Says . . .

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Back in 1989, as I was beginning my career as a young assistant professor, I was asked to contribute a chapter to this most interesting topical volume: Morton Smith and R. Joseph Hoffmann, eds. What the Bible Really Says About Death, Afterlife, and the Future (Prometheus, 1989).The topic list of chapters was quite broad, namely: Divorce, Slavery, Women, Capital Punishment, etc. My chapter ended up with the title, “What the Bible Really Says about Death, Afterlife, and the Future.” It was one of the most challenging tasks I had ever undertaken. To cover such a diverse top, essentially extending from the Ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible, through the New Testament and the early Roman period, was surely more than a challenge. I believe this little book has held up well for over three decades. I consider it a collectors item. The acute and skillful skills of Profs. Smith and Hoffmann alone makes the volume invaluable. I highly recommend!

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