Tabor BookShelf: New Feature on my Blog

I have been working this week on a brand new feature on my Blog–that along with the Jewish Roman World of Jesus, will grow into a really major resource for my readers and subscribers. I am called it “Tabor BookShelf.” It is in the top menu, easy to access anytime. As books are added I will post their entry as well, so if you are signed up for notifications in the right sidebar, you will get an email about the latest book I am highlighting. Here is the description I gave it:

The books included below are from my personal library related to my academic field of study–and sometimes a bit beyond. They ALL come with my highest recommendation. They are included here in no particular order of importance but are organized into topical categories.

I have just begun this new feature on my blog and ask for patience as I gradually expand and organize it in a useful way those readers of mine who are  looking for reliable sources dealing with the historical areas in which I work.

I will not include a book here unless I own it, have read it, and consider it among the best on the subject. I also plan on doing interviews on my Youtube channel (@jamestaborvideos) with selected authors in coordination with these listings.

Check out what I have put up so far–with much more to come at this link: Tabor Bookshelf

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