Singin’ and Drivin’ in Texas: This One Needs to Go Viral!

I want to thank my dear friend of over 45 years, Dr. Philip Arnold, with all his dignity (Ph.D. in New Testament from Rice University) and courage to put himself out there this way! He is a fine scholar, a philanthropist extraordinaire (, a devotee of the historical figure of Jesus and all he represents cosmically to our world, and a serious follower of the Ancient Paths. I thank him for letting his “hair down” in this lovely video, revealing the deep “roots” of so many countless millions on this planet who will identify with this song, and singing “to the Lord” on lonely drives on all the lonely highways of our planet, wherever we live.

I also love the words and the Hebraic Exodus theme of his chosen song! Phil and I are fast friends, philosophical/theological partners, co-workers in many projects, chief among them our work together in the fateful days of the Waco tragedy in Texas in 1993. To read more on that see “Waco Going on 25 Years.” If you want to hear Dr. Arnold at his best here is an overview presentation on “What Happened at Waco” at Baylor University titled “To Obey God Rather than Man.”

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