Second Synagogue found at Migdal–Presumed Town of Mary Magdalene!

Breaking news–many of my readers know of the 1st century synagogue at Migdal or Magdala discovered in 2009¬†during a salvage dig conducted by Dr. Dina Avshalom-Gorni of the Israel Antiquities Authority at the location of a new hotel at Migdal Beach, the site of ancient Magdala.

The breaking news out today is that a second synagogue has been found in this ancient Jewish town on the shores of the Sea of Galilee–which many scholars believe was the home of Mary Magdalene.

Here are three links to the breaking story–with some amazing photos:

We always visit Migdal on our tours of the Galilee and now this new excavation will add to what we can say about this town. According to Josephus it is a major center of commerce with a significant port.

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