New Series Has Begun: Death, Afterlife, and the Future in Western Antiquity

I officially began this new series of special classes on “Death, Afterlife, and the Future” in the ancient Western World. I plan to cover the following topics–the link below is the first:

  • The Ancient Hebrew Ideas of Death and Afterlife
  • Ancient Babylonian Ideas: Gilgamesh
  • Homer and Ancient Greek Ideas
  • Ancient Egyptian Ideas: Book of the Dead
  • Plato and Hellenistic Dualism
  • The Emerging Ideas of Resurrection of the Dead
  • Jesus and Paul on Resurrection of the Dead & Eschatology
  • Classic Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Views of Death and Afterlife
  • Scientific Views of Death and the Mind/Body Problem

You can download my article surveying the texts in the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and related literature here:

What the Bible Really Says About the Future,” in What the Bible Really Says, edited by Morton Smith and Joseph Hoffmann (Buffalo: Prometheus Books, 1989 (Harper & Row paperback, 1990), pp. 33-51.



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