My Youtube Series on Interpretations of “Bible Prophecy” Is Drawing Great Interest!

I began a new series on Youtube dealing with interpretations of Bible prophecy from ancient to modern times–a kind of history and analysis of “apocalyptic” dreams and schemes through the ages. We are up to episode seven–and I did five segments on the most influential book of all in this regard–Daniel. These video studies include slides and illustrations, they are drawing very high traffic, for my Channel at least.

As many of you know, it is put after Ezekiel in the Christian Canon of the Bible, but in the back of the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh–with the “Writings,” (Ketuvim). It was not considered part of the Hebrew Prophets by the sages, though was used and valued by various interpreters regardless. Like the New Testament book of Revelation it was disputed as to whether it should be part of the “Bible” or “Canon.”

If you missed these, here is the first of the five on Daniel–you can follow them then sequentially:

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