Lost in Translation: Are Humans Really Desperately Wicked Sinners?

I don’t know how many of you have heard this verse quoted over the years growing up but the ideas behind it, spread to the world by the apostle Paul–have done untold harm, and led to the anguish and suffering of so many millions.

A Single verse of the Bible–Jeremiah 17:9, has been mistranslated and misapplied to millions over the past two thousand years to imply that humanity is hopelessly lost in sin, desperately wicked–and that means EVERYONE, even those who are living a good life of concern for others and service to humanity.

What it really says is quite the opposite? As it turns out, it is the apostle Paul who has shaped the entire Christian world into the idea of the “total depravity ” of all humankind. Here is a PDF with the notes I used in the video, which you can download and print out free: https://jamestabor.com/humanswicked

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