Just What Do You Mean–Atonement?

My favorite Blog dealing with biblical matters, other than my own (!), is “Scribes of the Kingdom” run by Alex Finkelstein, whom I have met only on line through email letting him know how much I appreciate his work. He is one of the most thoughtful students of early Christianity that I know and many of the areas that I find absolutely fundamental to understanding the emergent Jesus movement–such as its thorough-going apocalypticism, we share.

His latest post is well worth the time–as are all of his posts in my view. I have written a lot about the same, see “Eat My Body, Drink My Blood–Did Jesus ever really Say This?” or the chapters on martyrs and atoning death in my book with Arthur Droge, A Noble Death.  here for example, but not quite from this angle in such a comprehensive way. Since this view of “atonement” became the core of the Christian faith, and it represents such a departure from the views in the Hebrew Bible and late 2nd Temple Judaism, it is really important that we delve into the history. I commend Alex’s post and hope you all learn a lot from it.

The Cross at Time’s End: Atonement and the Crossroads of History


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