Join Me for This Special 10th Anniversary “Jesus Dynasty” Tour

Touring Israel

I invite you to join our special 10th Anniversary Israel tour “Experiencing the Jesus Dynasty” in 2016. The dates are March 4-13. If you are interested in the historical Jesus understood in the light of the latest archaeological discoveries in Israel this is the tour for you. As many will remember, The Jesus Dynasty was published in April 2006 and became an New York Times best-seller, now translated into over 20 languages.

Jesus Dynasty Hardcover

“Experiencing the Jesus Dynasty” is a tour like no other tour. There are places and sites that are included on nearly every other Holy Land tour that we will not visit. On the other hand we will see and experience the ancient Land of Israel in ways no other tour includes. Our emphasis will be on newly discovered archaeological sites that shed light on our understanding of the historical Jesus and allow us to read our gospels sources in refreshingly new ways. Those who have been to Israel with me before will quickly recognize from the itinerary that this tour shaped with a different perspective than those I have done in the past–so we welcome “repeat” travelers!


The emphasis of this tour is historical rather than theological and like The Jesus Dynasty, it will appeal to Christians, Jews, and those of no particular religious persuasion who simply want to have a better understanding of the historical figure of Jesus in his own time and place.

Participants will also take part in a rare private evening “Conversation” with Simcha Jacobovici, Emmy-award winning Israeli filmmaker, hearing firsthand the latest updates on the Talpiot tombs in Jerusalem and the James ossuary.

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This tour is limited to a single touring bus to allow a maximum of personal interaction with one another and with me. Each person will receive a copy of The Jesus Dynasty personally inscribed with a dedication noting the special occasion of this tour. Participants can also bring their copies of The Jesus Discovery authored by me and Simcha if they want both of us to sign those as well.

The full itinerary, pricing options, registration forms, and other details are linked  Arrangements are being organized via Blossoming Rose, as with my  previous tours, but with a completely different line-up of hotels and bus tour services shaped to the unique itinerary of this special tour.

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