Is the Current War in Israel Predicted in “Bible Prophecy”?

I have seen a tremendous uptick on social media, web sites, and Youtube in particular of presentations and discussions about how the current War in Israel with Gaza and its Iranian proxies could well be the beginnings of what is often referred to as the “Battle of Armageddon.” Later this week I am going to critically examine a recent presentation of evangelist and preacher John Hagee, from my hometown of San Antonio, TX. You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel at this link–or just browse to see more about what I have been presenting:

As many of you know who follow my Youtube video posting, back in the middle of August I began a new Series called “Interpretations of Bible Prophecy Through the Ages,” with no idea we would be in the middle of a War in the Middle East that has drawn the attention of millions of people in every nation in the world.

As of this posting there are now nineteen total videos completed with another dozen to come. Previously I had done a series on “Ideas of Death and Afterlife in the Ancient Western World,” but this one is much more extensive in that I am dealing with “Apocalypticism” through the ages–from ancient to modern times, both Jewish and Christian!

When I began I had no idea we would be witnesses to the horrible massacre by Hamas on October 7th and the ongoing War that is now unfolding in Israel with the entire world stirred up in sharply divided camps related thereto. In the previous seven videos I have been exploring the phenomenon of what I am calling “Floating Prophecies” of the Hebrew Bible–most of which are referenced in both the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament–two of the late 2nd Temple Jewish movements that have been at the center of my research for the past four decades. As it turns out, these texts, and others in the book of Daniel and Revelation, are front and center right now in many circles–especially evangelical Christian versions of “Prophecy Belief.” The latest one I just put up yesterday. If you have not been following I invite you to view it, and perhaps go back and view some of the previous episodes–especially the previous six–dealing with this particular phenomenon.

I plan to discuss these texts, current interpretations of Bible Prophecy in the light of the current War, and related topics from my own field of expertise in a private Zoom meeting on November 25th to which I will invite my research community of “patrons” to join. If you want to be part of that discussion see the link here for details:

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