Getting Up to Speed on Talpiot Tombs Research

In the aftermath of Jodi Magness’s recent lecture on the “Burials of James, Jesus, and the Talpiot Tombs” in Bart Ehrman’s course “Archaeoolgy in the Time of Jesus” one thing was clear to me that I had not fully realized. Most treatments of the data on the Talpiot tomb research are woefully under informed on even the most basic facts, and what’s worse, the latest scientific research (DNA, Geochemical soil tests, et al.) that has come out in the past few years remains for the most part ignored. In fact, other than this blog, representing the team of researchers I am working with, I am not even sure many in the academic world are keeping up the entire body of research. My 2012 book, The Jesus Discovery¬†(Simon & Schuster), which covers the basics, with academic notes and sources, is mostly up to date. But we have made some significant progress even in the past decade.

My decision is to publish here on this blog several posts that will brings “all things Talpiot” up to date, with links and sources. I also plan several Youtube videos that will offer illustrated overviews of the same.

So to get started–check out these to videos given some years ago–just to get up to speed on both Talpiot tombs and some of what we know. These are not up to date, but what they lay out is basic enough that it offers those new to the subject a good overview. By watching these you can gauge where you are in this area of study–if it is all familiar, then you are in good shape and we can move beyond these basics:

Jesus’ Empty Tomb–Just the Facts Please:

The Jerusalem Talpiot “Jesus” Tombs–An Overview:

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