From Homer to Plato–the Idea that Overturned the World!

In this segment in my series “Death and Afterlife in the Ancient Western World,” I explore the ancient Greek ideas from Homer to Plato. What we find a great REVOLUTION–a literal “Overturning of the World,” in which death becomes life, and life death! I pinpoint the earliest archaeological tomb evidence we have of this monumental shift that has transformed Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to religions of “Salvation” with a focus on the the “World to come,” an idea not found in the Hebrew Bible.

N.B. In this presentation I combine texts with archaeology to arrive at an overview of what was going on in 5th c. BCE Greek thought about death, afterlife, and the cosmos. This is the third in a series on Death and Afterlife in the Ancient World. I invite you to click on my YouTube channel and check out the rest….and please subscribe if you have not.

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