Easter Must be Near: Pop Archaeology and the Shroud of Turin

Several of my blog readers have sent me this ad in the last couple of days. You can find it with a  browser search but I  am not wanting to promote the link since it is a pitch to subscribe to the magazine!

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Turin Shroud is a topic worth discussing, with many complexities, and often the skeptics do not adequately address the entire scope of the investigations.

But this kind of approach is an example of the worst kind of sensationalist trash, and is unfortunately what many in the general public tend to go on.

I have also noticed that very few of the “Shroud” folks supporting authenticity reference the ONLY first century shroud ever found, in a tomb in the Hinnom Valley, by Shimon Gibson and me in the year 2000. Those of you who have read my book, The Jesus Dynasty, might remember that I open the Introduction with an account of this late night discovery. The scientific report is published here, and the analysis of the cloth itself, done by Orit Shamir of the Israel Antiquities Authority, is published here. And here is my blog post with further analysis, photos, and links: The Only Authentic 1st Century Burial Shroud ever Found in Jerusalem.

I commissioned the C-14 tests shortly thereafter and the same lab in New Mexico that tested the Turin Shroud tested ours. Here is a film clip describing the results when I got them from director Douglas Donahue, who had also tested the Shroud of Turin. Here is a film clip of that BIG moment:


But here are the claims of the NewsMax pitch for their special publication:

Jesus of Nazareth. To this day, no other figure in human history has ever gripped the imagination quite like the carpenter and rabbi, the man His followers have said for over 2,000 years is the Son of God.

Though His time on Earth was brief, He singularly divides history, and continues to divide the world into believers and nonbelievers.

Crucial to this belief in Him is that He not only lived and died, but actually rose from the dead in a supernatural resurrection.

That’s likely why new scientific evidence discovered on the Shroud of Turin has stunned the world.

In this exclusive report of Newsmax Magazine, our investigation finds that the Shroud is not only real, but is the burial cloth of a Jewish male who died exactly as the Bible says Jesus died.

And new evidence from modern archeological findings shows the man depicted on the Shroud died just as the Romans of Jesus’ time conducted crucifixions.

The latest scientific findings — using devices that scan deep space and probe the smallest nanoparticles of the cell — have backed up claims many Christians have long held about the cloth.

Newsmax Magazine’s “Holy Evidence” investigation finds:

  • Scientists are absolutely certain the Shroud is that of a crucified man
  • The image on the Shroud has never been replicated before and is not art
  • Why carbon-14 dating that sets the Shroud in the 13th century was faulty
  • New X-ray dating methods put the Shroud’s origins to the time of Jesus
  • The energy it took to produce the image would be equal to all the electrical power generated in the world today
  • Blood evidence: dozens of indicators that show the man who was buried died just as the Bible claims
  • Secret message: Was the hidden “3” mark on Jesus’ forehead His last message for the “End Times”?
  • Traditional Jewish burial: multiple points of evidence the man was a religious Jew
  • The Jewish photography expert who concluded the Shroud is 100% real
  • The Jewish botanist who pinpointed pollens on the Shroud linking it to Jerusalem
  • The missing link: New science proves the Sudarium, a burial facecloth, was used on the same body as the Shroud
  • A famous illustrator uses the Shroud to make a portrait of what Jesus really looked like

French historian Jean-Christian Petitfils studied the Shroud and concluded: Its authenticity can no longer be disputed.

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