Death & Afterlife Series: Loose Ends and Caveats

I ¬†have continued my series on Youtube dealing with ideas of Death and Afterlife in the Ancient Western world. The level of interest is a total surprise for me. The first episode alone, on “Ancient Hebrew Views,” has over 200,000 views!

In this tenth segment of the series I try to tie up some loose ends and lay out some caveats regarding making generalized conclusions. I address the following Questions:

Do I believe in God or Jesus or am I an Atheist
Doesn’t Job Express Faith in His Ultimate Redeemer?
What About Enoch, Elijah, and the Seance of Endor?
Isn’t Hades in the New Testament Divided into Hell and Heaven?
Did Not Paul Say He Wanted to Depart and Be with Christ?
“Absent from the Body” means Present with the Lord in Heaven?

I also try to complicate and problematize the dichotomy between ideas of the “material” and the “spiritual,” as well as Hellenistic views of the Immortal Soul, and the New Testament view of the Resurrection of the Body. I focus on various Q&As that are most often raised, especially as related to the previous lectures on the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. If you have not watched those, I encourage you to go back and view/listen when you can. Much of what I say here will then make more sense. Here is the playlist link: Ideas of Death and Afterlife in the Ancient Western World.



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