A Tale of Two Tombs–Part Two: The James Ossuary and the Talpiot Jesus Family Tomb

In Part Two I relate the story of the ossuary or “bone box” from 1st century Jerusalem inscribe: “James son of Joseph Brother of Jesus” and its possible relationship to either the Shroud tomb or the Talpiot “Jesus Family” tomb.

If you missed Part One see the previous post on this blog.

This abridged account is taken from my book, The Jesus Dynasty. Since 2006, when that account was published, much more has transpired. For a full account of all the discoveries, the DNA tests and their results, and everything related to both tombs, see the subsequent book: The Jesus Discovery, co-written with Simcha Jacobovici published in 2012 Both are now on sale at Amazon at greatly reduced prices. For more on the James ossuary see:

The James Ossuary: Getting the Facts Straight

Authentic or Fake? Did this Ossuary Hold the Bones of James the Brother of Jesus?”

For a summary overview of the TWO Talpiot tombs see:

The Jerusalem Talpiot “Jesus” Tombs: An Overview of the Evidence



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