2024 Greetings to My Blog Readers

Dear friends,
I wish all of you the very best as we move into this new Gregorian Year of 2024 in our troubled world. 
Since retiring and vastest expanding my public connections via Youtube, on-line courses, interviews, and blog posts, I can’t always answer emails directly—I just get too many—right now 75-100 a day, with a backlog of many more. As you may know, many academics don’t respond to emails at all, but I do read them all. I just can’t offer personal responses to all of them but I do appreciate everyone who writes me. 
These varied emails often have a wide variety of questions about my work and field of research. Often, what people write me about I have dealt with on my TaborBlog (jamestabor.com) or in my Youtube videos (@jamestaborvideos), or my on-line public courses—and of course in the many books I have published ( https://jamestabor.com/books) which can be searched or consulted. You will find these and lots of other links below.
In terms of more direct personal contact I have a Patreon account that is open to anyone (https://www.patreon.com/jamesdtabor). I use Patreon mainly for the software, not so much for major fund raising, but as a way of identifying a group of really engaged folk, self-selected by membership, with whom I can deal more directly. I post regularly there, often breaking news, special research materials, and other sharing of research that I am not yet making public.
To access the materials you have to be a “paid” member, but even though there are “tiers” of paid membership, all levels receive the same benefits—contributions go into a research fund—so you are advancing scholarship. I realize that some have less means than others and I don’t want to cut anyone out. I respond to messages and I also meet on Zoom with Q&A once a month with patrons—I call it my “Research Community.” Those meetings are recorded and become available to all. 
In addition I meet once a month via Zoom with students signed up for latest on-line course, currently that is “Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls” (https://mvp-courses.com/tabor-dss).
I also have a monthly newsletter connected to this blog—you can go there and sign up, and also for notifications when I post something new. Emails are secure and never shared. And you can subscribe to my Youtube channel and choose notifications for new posts—there is a lot coming on a wide variety of topics.
Warmest best wishes,

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