10th Anniversary Issue of Popular Archaeology Magazine: My Thirty Year “On the Ground” Search for the Historical Jesus

What a way to start off my Blog for 2021–I am honored, humbled, and flattered…

Popular Archaeology Magazine is pleased to announce the publication of the 10-year Anniversary Issue, featuring the top 10 stories of the magazine’s first 10 years. These stories exemplify the excitement and adventure of archaeological exploration around the world, showing why the remarkable discoveries being made by archaeologists and other scholars have captured the imagination and interest of people worldwide.

Popular Archaeology magazine [popular-archaeology.com] has just released its Winter, 2021 issue, celebrating ten years of publication, featuring the top Ten stories of the magazine’s first ten years. I am humbled and pleased that my work on the historical Jesus is featured among those top ten stories, see “In Search of the Historical Jesus.” The feature is extensive and lavish–almost embarrassingly so–with spectacular photos and illustrations, many of them taken when I led founder and editor, Dan McLerran, along with a wonderfully informed special tour group, “from Dan to Beersheva”–and beyond in 2016. I say “beyond” as we camped in the Negev desert on the edge of the wilderness of Paran at biblical Tamar for three nights! This particular feature on my work contains that and much more–with expanded coverage of much of what I have devoted the past 30 years to–on the ground and “below the group” exploring a dozen key excavations and archaeological sites.

Dan McLerranis is a freelance writer and journalist specializing in archaeology. He has been an active volunteer participant on archaeological excavations in the U.S. and abroad. He was also the creator and administrator of Archaeological Digs, a weblog about archaeological excavation and field school opportunities.

If you don’t know this magazine you should check it out. Everything is on-line with multiple special features and an astoundingly fascinating cast of authors and contributors. And don’t miss the other nine featured articles–every one of them is astounding and informative.

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