Who Reads this Blog? A Global Breakdown

I thought readers, new and old, might find these stats of interest. Have you ever wondered who reads this blog–on a global scale?

Here are a few  graphics of the global countries and territories where my blog is read, sorted by numbers of page-views. The listings might surprise you. In all the blog reaches 221 countries and territories. It looks like there are three or four countries with zero views. Can you figure out which they are? Take a look and see what you find surprising, interesting, or otherwise informative–from top to bottom. If your country or area is not listed either in the top 30 or the bottom 20 it obviously falls in between, but you should be able to get an idea of the traffic from these slices of data.

TaborBlog: Top Ten Countries Sorted by Views
TaborBlog: The Next Twenty Sorted by Views
TaborBlog: The Bottom Twenty by Views