What’s What in 2022 and Beyond with the Two Talpiot Tombs in Jerusalem?

POSTPONED due to technical difficulties until Friday, June 17th–same time–same station–at 9pm EST.
I will be on BlogTalk radio live with host Barbara Delong on her popular show “Night Light.” We will be discussing my book, The Jesus Discovery, co-written with Simcha Jacobovici (Simon & Schuster, 2012), with a focus on what is the latest on the two ancient tombs in Jerusalem discovered in 1980 and 1981 in Talpiot–just south of the Old City. I have interviewed before with Barbara and what I love about her show is that she actually READS the books she covers with authors and she allows a full two hours so her coverage is in-depth and thorough–no quick sound bites. I will reveal some new information this evening that offers the presentation in the book an enhanced context. If you can’t tune in live over the internet the recorded program will be on available on-line, on Youtube, Apple Podcast, and other social media.

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