Watch Ten of My Most Interesting and Controversial Lectures

Many of my blog readers often write me asking when and where I might be giving lectures. Although I do regularly lecture here in Charlotte and around the country, by far the most lecturing I do are the in-depth sessions at various Biblical Archaeology Society Seminars and their annual “Bible Fest” each year in a different city. Often my readers are not able to attend these due to schedules or expense–but now there is a way!

You can watch Ten of my most illuminating and controversial presentations on-line at a bargain basement price with the new video download and streaming feature of the Biblical Archaeology Society–and not only mine but those of many other fascinating scholars. None of us who do these lectures receive royalties or payments. We offer these to the BAS public for their educational value, so I feel comfortable promoting them as I am not trying to “sell” you anything here for profit–and with these prices who could make a profit anyway?

The entire set of ten is here drastically reduced in price as an introductory offer: $149.95 $37.50 

More information on ordering is linked here.

Early Christian Enigmas, Mysteries and Controversies

Illuminating Controversial Interpretations
James Tabor, University of North Carolina at CharlotteExamine some of the most intriguing enigmas, mysteries and controversies in early Christianity with James Tabor, Professor of Christian Origins and Ancient Judaism at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.Complete Sets (10 Lectures, Approx. 55 Minutes Each)Re-humanizing the Mythological/Theological Miriam, Mother of Jesus
Explore the evidence from the Gospels and from the ground to find the truth about Mary—or Miriam—the mother of Jesus.

Miriam the Magdalene: Wife, Mother, Consort or Literary Fiction?
Examine the fascinating and perplexing figure of Mary Magdalene and her role in the ministry of Jesus by looking at four of her many mentions in the Bible.

Identifying the Mysterious “Disciple Whom Jesus Loved”
Understand the major theories and options about the identity of the mysterious beloved disciple in the Gospel of John and how Tabor comes to his own understanding of this enigmatic eyewitness.

A Thoroughly Apocalyptic Jesus—Was Schweitzer Right?
Delve into the theory by noted 20th-century philosopher Albert Schweitzer that prophetic expectations based on authoritative texts are essentially wrong and what to do when prophecy fails.

John the Baptizer—An Alternative Messiah in the Time of Jesus?
Examine evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament that Second Temple Judaism had a belief that more than one messiah was promised to come—was John the Baptist one of them?

Why the “End of the Age” Should Have Come in 70 C.E.
Learn about Tabor’s argument that apocalypticism—living a life grounded on the prophetic interpretation of authoritative texts—is risky, and why Tabor believes it always fails.

Did the Apostle Paul Repudiate Judaism?
See Paul explained through his own words and examine how he has shaped much, if not all, of what we think of as Christianity.

The Q Source Hypothesis After 100 Years—What Can We Definitely Say?
Understand the basics of the Q Source Hypothesis, what it means, how it has grown and changed over the last 100 years, and what we can definitely say about Q today.

Understanding the Earliest View of the Resurrection of Jesus
Explore early Christian beliefs about the Resurrection of Jesus. Tabor uses the writings of Paul and Peter, and Jewish views of what resurrection actually meant to argue for a spiritual resurrection instead of a literal physical one.

What Kind of a Jew Was Jesus?
Research the similarities and differences between the Jesus group and the Qumran community. Many parallels exist between them and Tabor investigates whether Jesus’ Judaism can truly be labelled.