Travel with Me to Israel in March 2020!

If you want to travel with me to Israel in 2020 we have just opened registrations for a specialized tour like no other.

I am just back from our Mt Zion excavation which marks my 70th trip to the Holy Land since my first visit with my family in the summer of 1962 at age 16. Yes I did say 70th–and yes, that is a lot of traveling. All but two of these trips  have been since 1990. I find the number astounding looking back. By far most of these trips have been for research, whether working at six different archaeological sites (Sepphoris, Wadi el-Yabis, Suba, Qumran, Talpiot tombs, and Mt Zion) or filming for various documentaries, or carrying on research for my books. I have led only eight tours in those 28 years! Two of those were private, with our Chancellor and a select group. Only six have been open to the public.

These tours draw an amazingly diverse group of people–readers of my books and writings, students, people interested in archaeology and history. A lot of people don’t like to go on tours because they are concerned about the random fellow-travelers they might end up with. You can rest assured you will love the group that this tour will draw. I have formed life-long bonds with so many who have traveled with me and several have gone more than once!


We have just finished putting together a really unique and special tour of Israel for March 2020. It is a tour like no other and I have worked with my colleague, Ross Nichols, to plan this tour based on the extensive experience we have had in leading previous tours. There are so many things one can see on such a tour and many of the standard “Christian” or “Jewish” tours have a predictably common itinerary–and often a theological or political slant. Obviously, no one can visit everything in a week. Some tours try to pack so much in I am sure by the third or fourth day things become a blur.

Our tours are decidedly different. Each site we visit is carefully selected and the route we take is designed to circle one through the entire Holy Land from the furthest north–up in the Golan Heights, to the far south in the Negev desert where Moses and the people of Israel camped, with everything in between–the coast of the Mediterranean, the Galilee, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and the Negev desert.


Prices also vary wildly on these tours–from bottom basement prices that cut corners and end up herding people around the country in large buses with sub-standard hotels, to expensive luxury tours that seem geared more for amenities than education or learning. You don’t want to choose the former, believe me, and many can not afford the latter. Also, most visiting the Holy Land are looking for education and spiritual insights, not entertainment and luxury accommodations.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, high quality tour, with expert leadership, decades of experience, and an emphasis on solid historical and archaeological sites and content related to the entire Bible–read on. You might find cheaper tours but you should read between the lines as many of these “cut rate” bargain tours of the Holy Land end up being just that–cut rate bargains you might better pass up.

The dates are February 28 (departing for Israel) through March 10 (arriving home), 2020–which leaves us nine full days of touring excluding travel time. We want to take a relatively small group of around 35. The idea is to keep things at a size that will allow maximum dialogue and interchange between leaders and participants. Our hotels have been carefully selected by Ross and me–they are all great places to stay–Four Star rated. The itinerary of this tour is a composite of all I have experienced in my decades of research and discovery in the Holy Land. Even if you have traveled to Israel before, or specifically traveled with Tabor or Nichols, this is the tour for you.

Our emphasis on this tour will be on New Discoveries in the Holy Land. We will take you behind the scenes, exploring new archaeological and textual discoveries as they are related to the key Biblical sites we will visit, this includes the Hebrew Bible as well as the New Testament. Participants will be given a detailed syllabus with maps and further reading so you can really prepare for what you are to experience, as well as review it when you get back.

Three very special highlights of this tour–and there are many more:

1. We will stay in the Arava/Negev desert for two nights at Biblical Tamar–one of the best preserved archeological sites in Israel with ruins dating from the Iron Age to the present. Experiencing the desert sky in the Negev will be one of the highlights of your life. Tamar site was recently featured in Popular Archaeology magazine.

2. While in the desert we will explore in depth the different theories of locating Mt Sinai and actually go to the “ascent of the Akrabbim” (the Scorpion’s Path), near Mt Hor, mentioned in the book of Numbers.

3. We will also visit the Talpiot “Jesus Family” tombs just south of Jerusalem and discuss the very latest unpublished research and findings related to their history and that of the controversial James ossuary.

Anyone interested in biblical history and literature will find this tour refreshing and educational from beginning to end. We have no expectations regarding belief systems, politics, or faith orientations. All that is required to go on this tour is an interest in the historical objective study of the Bible.

Click the link below to learn more, including a printable daily itinerary, what is included and not included, pricing, and links to register and reserve your place. Our tours usually fill up relatively fast so if you are interested you can go ahead and put in your deposit now to hold your place. We fill the tour on a first-come basis.

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