The May BAS Virtual Seminar:” Forgotten, Misrepresented, and Marginalized” Figures is Almost Full

Join me and my  friend and colleague Tina Wray in May for five days together–virtually! We have dug together in Israel, lectured together, studied the Bible together, and learned from one another’s scholarship for decades. Come here the fruit of that collaboration!

I just checked today and spaces left for this virtual seminar (formerly the Montreat BAS Seminar) are going fast, and we only announced it two weeks ago in its renewed format. We were not able to spend the week together due to Montreat center being shut down.

Although this seminar will be held over Zoom, it is not just a Webinar, but there are chances for exchanges with Tina and me, as well as some limited social time to interact.

Click on the image below or go to this link for details on program, schedule, cost, and further information on topics. What we are presenting is all new material–nothing recycled!