The “Gleanings from Genesis” Podcast Resumes

I am pleased to report that the weekly podcast “Gleanings from Genesis,” has resumed broadcast with episode six now available. If you missed any so far you can catch up with us easily. We will plan to post new episodes each Thursday or Friday morning. This past week we began to delve into the what appears to be the original meaning of the “tree of the knowledge of good and bad,” which stands in sharp contrast to later Christian theology with notions of the “Fall of Man” and “Original Sin.”

Each week I lead a discussion, hosted by Jono Vandor and Ross Nichols, as we work our way through the new Transparent English Bible’s “Book of Genesis,”–just released last week. You can get your copy at Amazon, US and International sites,  in print or Kindle version. You will find that the Transparent English Bible translation opens up an entirely new world of meaning to the ancient Hebrew text. There are many great translation on the market of the Hebrew Bible, including Fox, Alter, the Koren, the JPS, but this one is refreshingly different as you will see. For more details see: When it comes to the Bible are you “Lost in Translation?”