The Changing of the Guard: Robert Cargill Takes over as Editor of Biblical Archaeology Review

Like many of my readers I just received the November/December 2017 issue of the ever-fascinating Biblical Archaeology Review. As usual, it is chock full of interesting feature articles. If you are a subscriber, you probably, like me, begin paging through each new issues as soon as it arrives. The “First Person” piece by long-term editor Hershel Shanks is particularly noteworthy.

After 42 years as both founder and editor of the influential Biblical Archeology Review, Hershel is stepping aside and Prof. Robert Cargill of the University of Iowa is taking over. BAR has been the most influential publication in the elusive field we call “Biblical Archaeology” for many decades. I have both published there and spoken at countless Biblical Archaeology Society seminars and gatherings–including the Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest, for 27 years now–where I have met so many hundreds of you, my readers of this Blog. I know Hershel well and I have spent many pleasant hours with him both in Israel and in Washington, D.C. Most of us have known this day was coming and that Bob Cargill would be taking over this huge responsibility. I know Bob feels humbled by the opportunity but also is energetic and fired up over the future. I wish him well.

Here are Hershel Shank’s very personal thoughts in his final editorial:

If you are not a subscriber to Biblical Archaeology Review you should consider it–and best of all becoming a member of the Biblical Archaeology Society Library which gives you access to this incredible archive of all past issues of BAR, Bible Review, and numerous other special features. You can find all the information here. I particularly like reading each issue on my iPad–I just downloaded the latest one even before it appears in my mailbox as hardcopy this week.

I also want to encourage my readers to consider attending the 20th Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest in Boston, November 17-19, that meets in conjunction with the Society of Biblical Literature, the American Academy of Religion, and the American Schools of Oriental Research. You can find all the information here. You will be able to hear a couple dozen scholars discuss their latest research and discoveries. It would be great to see you there and have a chance to speak a bit face to face.