Tabor Interview: Reading Genesis in a New Light

In my post last week, “Reading Genesis–Are You Lost in Translation,” I reviewed some of the main features of my new translation of The Book of Genesis from the Transparent English Bible–on sale this summer at a reduced price in all formats. This week I sat down with Youtube host David LeBlanc, with whom I have done in depth interviews on three of my previous books to talk about what makes this translation different from most others–in whatever language.

In this hour-and-a-half interview we explore the translation itself, as well as some very widespread misunderstandings of the early chapters of Genesis based on traditional English translations. We also talk at the end of the possible future directions of this decade old project, now that I have retired from full-time university teaching.

You can get the best sale price on Amazon, here is the link: The Book of Genesis: A New Translation from the Transparent English Bible

And here is the link to the interview on Youtube. Please subscribe, share, and sign up for notifications–as there is much more to come on this newly emerging channel:




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