Resurrection of the Dead–What Kind of a Body? Understanding our Earliest Source…

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I have written a lot about the idea of “resurrection of the dead” as a central component of early Christian faith–both that of Jesus himself, as well as the future hope and expectations for all his followers–and for that matter for all humankind as found in some New Testament texts. In this interview I focus on what is our earliest and our only first person source. I have published quite bit on what the New Testament Gospels seem to claim about Jesus’ resurrection–and how that belief grow and expanded over time–see for example–“Why People are Confused About the Earliest Christian Christian View of Resurrection.” If I am not mistaken I think this post has gotten more views than any other I have posted in the past decade! But keep in mind, the N.T. gospels are not first person testimony–according to most scholars–me included–the names we associate with them–Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John–are not the names of the authors, but rather traditional names that became associated with them. The truth is, we don’t know who wrote any of our gospels–but either way they are not written in the first person in covering this subject–not even Luke. The author of Luke even says he is not an eyewitness in his opening Prologue. He is passing on what he claims he heard from others.

This interview focuses on the apostle Paul–and however one might evaluate his testimony he does in fact claims to have “seen” Jesus. What he asserts ends up being not only our earliest source for the idea of Jesus’ resurrection but the only first-person testimony based on direct experience.

Note: I am continuing to post here on my blog the recent interviews I have done with with Derek Lambert, the dynamic autodidactic  host of MythVision Podcasts--which covers the gambit of religion, philosophy and history. Check it out–Derek has interviewed a “Who’s Who” of academics in my field of Christian Origins (Ehrman, Goodacre, Allison, Pagels, and many more), as well as over 1000 videos covering history, philosophy, science, religion, and culture.

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