Ramping up TaborBlog and Associated Social Media…

Beginning this weekend I will be ramping up my regular blog posting with lots of new ideas and materials. My goal is to put up several new things a week and I am adding a few features, including “Book Notes,” a new series built around images/photos called “A Blast from the Past,” another called “Remember Your Creators” which will highlight individuals, some living, some dead, whom I look back upon as having fundamental influence on my own ideas and thinking over the past 50+ years. I have a few other features I will roll out over the next few months, including a Podcast with 15 minute “Deep Dives” into all sorts of biblical topics. I will also be visiting the blogs of various colleagues and highlighting some that I consider to be producing the best quality work and why I read them regularly.

Just to whet your appetite a bit, I will begin tomorrow with a completely new post on the apostle Paul titled: What Did Paul Really See When He Declared: “I Have Seen the Lord”? You will not want to miss this one!

Just a few additional things…

First, if you are not one of my regular subscribers to this Blog you can sign up in the sidebar to the right (or at the bottom if you are using a mobile device) where you see the box below. All you need do is put in your email. All addresses are held confidential and are never shared or used for any other purpose!

Second, if you scroll on down you will see another separate sign up box–for what I am turning into a new weekly TaborBlog Newsletter–distributed via email. Just give your name and email and confirm you are not a “robot” and you will be set. This is a separate feature from the one above and both need to be signed up for individually. The newsletter will build around the blog, but also contain lots of personal updates and items available only to subscribers.

Third, if you use any of these social media please “Like” “Friend” or “Follow” me at these links: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These are each personal/professional accounts in which I will post on a variety of topics–many related to TaborBlog but also all sort of other things including links to further resources and just about anything I come across that I find interesting. The social media icons in the sidebar are the same as those listed here.

Finally, for those further interested in such “Tabor” things–I have a more general Blog at Genesia.org. You can read more about it at the site–its purpose, range of topics, and foci–but it has a decidedly more philosophical, theological, and personal orientation, whereas my main TaborBlog tends to stay with “All things Biblical” and mostly subjects related to my field of Christian Origins (including late 2nd Temple Judaism).

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I have never put ads or any other kinds of merchandise for sale on my blog (not even my books!) and I don’t intend to ever do so, everything is offered freely with nothing for sale. However, if you would like to contribute to the costs involved in maintaining this web site (server, domains, web designer, software, upcoming podcasts) and its associated features, you may make a PayPal donation through the non-profit organization Genesis2000, which sponsors my personal social media outreach and research projects.