Paul & Jesus’ Resurrection–How Christianity Forgot its Earliest Witness

In this video I offer a succinct thirteen minute overview of the apostle Paul’s original idea of Jesus’ resurrection–totally ignored and forgotten by later Christians, including the writers of our later gospels–Luke and John.

I don’t think you will find anything summarizing things as clearly and in as short a time as I attempt to do here. Be ready to be surprised. What is seldom realized is that when Paul speaks of “resurrection of the Dead,” it is really not so much about Jesus but rather about what he believed was a new reality in the cosmos. Romans 1:3 is totally mistranslated by most English versions–it does not say Jesus was “declared to be the Son of God in power” by HIS resurrection from the dead! It is referring to an inaugurated cosmic process that according to Paul is the meaning of human life on planet earth.

This is Paul’s most comprehensive idea and no one who misses this core idea can have any understanding of what Paul calls “my gospel.” The Evangelical Christian message of justification by faith misses this entirely with its “believe and go to heaven” when you die message. Finally, what Paul most expected to happen, NEVER did–there was no cosmic transformation and for the past two thousands years human history, the good, the bad, and the ugly–with all the blood, sweat, and tears, has gone on.

This interview was hosted by Derek Lambert, host of @ Mythvision Podcast. Visit his channel for hundreds of other videos on a wide variety of biblical, historical, philosophical, and religious studies topics and issues.

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