Let’s Travel to Israel together March 2022!

Now that international travel is opening up in the USA, Israel, and elsewhere I wanted to let my blog readers know that the tour to Israel I will be leading March 4-15th is active and alive. We have our choice hotels booked and reserved as well as all the sites we will visit together.  The tour is already beginning to fill up and I am hearing from many around the country–and internationally–who are ready to travel. March will mark two years of our Covid trials and tribulations. I have not traveled anywhere since March 2020 so I am more than ready to go. Here is the official announcement. Whether you have never been to Israel–or traveled there before–and even if you have been on one of my tours over the past decade–NOW is the time.  We have added so much to this particular tour. It will literally offer you an experience of a life-time as you travel to the far north (Mt Hermon) to south–deep into the Negev, with three nights and four days in Jerusalem! Take a look at the itinerary. I think you will find the price is very reasonable–as we stay in four star hotels and see and visit many sites that other standard tours miss.

Prof. James D. Tabor and Biblical teacher Ross Nichols are teaming up again for an exclusive tour of the Holy Land March 4 – 15, 2022. Even if you have traveled to Israel before, or specifically traveled with Tabor or Nichols, this is the tour for you.

We will take you behind the scenes, exploring new archaeological and textual discoveries as they are related to the key Biblical sites we will visit. No tour can cover everything, but we will take you, quite literally, from Dan to Beersheba – and even 60 miles south, deep into the Arava, locating one of the biblical “camps” of the ancient Israelites in the time of Moses.

Anyone interested in biblical history and literature will find this tour refreshing and educational from beginning to end. We have no expectations regarding belief systems, politics, or faith orientations. All that is required to go on this tour is a strong orientation toward learning more about the Bible and its history and archaeology.

The tour will transform the way you read and understand the Bible. Throughout the tour, we will share the stories that you know well from the texts, in the very places where the events actually took place. We are limiting the number of registrants to 33–one comfortable busload—because we want each person to have time to interact directly with Dr. Tabor and Ross Nichols.

Your $500 deposit now will hold your spot. Here are all the details which you can read, download, and print out as you wish. Compare with other tours and you will see that this one stands out as no other.


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