Dr. Robert Kuhn’s PBS “Closer to Truth” Series Now Free on Youtube!

I have written several posts on this blog over the years about Dr. Robert Kuhn’s extraordinary PBS program “Closer to Truth,” now in its 19th season. I have known Robert as a personal friend and colleague for over 50 years now–since my Pepperdine University days working on my M.A. in Religion. I have been honored to be a guest on that show a number of times and my contributions you can find archived at: https://www.closertotruth.com/contributor/james-tabor/profile

Try this sample to get an idea of the style and content: Does God Know the Future?

The unique concept of this program–trying to get “Closer to Truth” (notice, not “the” Truth, as Robert emphasizes) in dealing with the “Big Questions” of human existence is remarkable. I would compare it to Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” as a model, but Kuhn’s program takes one even beyond physics and astronomy. He brilliantly sorts out his “quest” into three categories of Cosmos, Consciousness, Meaning–coming at all sorts of relevant topics related thereto with in depth interviews with the top experts in such varied fields as physics, astronomy, brain research, AI, cosmology, philosophy, ethics, sociology, psychology, and theology. The result is extraordinary. Kuhn is a master interviewer who know how to probe his guests just enough to draw out their best, while challenging them as a dialogue partner.

I am please to announce that Robert and his production team have now released seasons 18 and 19 on their Youtube channel which you can access at: https://www.youtube.com/user/CloserToTruth1. Be sure to subscribe. I had written his producer this past week, as our university courses were going on-line due to the COVID-19 crisis asking if they would speed up their release–which they immediately did. The following recent programs are up and available. There is of course much more on the Youtube channel with samples of key interview and even more at the main web site closertotruth.com.

1801 The Multiverse: What’s Real?
1802 Critical Realism in Science and Theology
1803 Why Consonance in Science and Theology?
1804 Does Consciousness Require a Radical Explanation?
1805 Cosmology and Creation?
1806 What is Philosophy of Biology?
1807 Epistemology: How Do I Know?
1808 What is Analytic Theology?
1809 Being in the World: A Tribute to Hubert Dreyfus
1810 If God, What’s Evolution?
1811 What is Extended Mind?
1812 God’s Sovereignty: A Tribute to Hugh McCann
1813 Challenges of Analytic Theology
1901 What’s Philosophy of Cosmology?
1902 What’s Fine-Tuning in Cosmology?
1903 What’s Fine-Tuning in Physics?
1904 Is the Anthropic Principle Significant?
1905 What’s Strong Emergence?
1906 What Exists II?
1907 Why Anything At All II?
1908 Epistemology: How can We Know God?
1909 Jesus as God: A Philosophical Inquiry
1910 What is the Trinity: A Philosophical Inquiry
1911 What is the Incarnation: A Philosophical Inquiry
1912 What is the Atonement: A Philosophical Inquiry
1913 What is Salvation: A Philosophical Inquiry

I want to commend Robert and his staff or making this decision. This will be of great use to professors working with their classes–both on-line and I hope by Fall–back in the classroom, as well as the millions of families that are now home-schooling their children in the present situation. Please spread the word and check out any of these programs for a taste of how fantastic they are.

++Robert Kuhn is an extraordinary person with many areas of competence. He received his B.A. in human biology from Johns Hopkins University (Phi Beta Kappa) in 1964 and his PhD in anatomy and brain research from the University of California at Los Angeles’ Brain Research Institute in 1968 and a master of science in management as a Sloan fellow from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1980. He is a public intellectual, international corporate strategist and investment banker and is the author and editor of over 25 books. He is a recipient of the China Reform Friendship Medal, China’s highest award; he is a long-time adviser to China’s leaders and the Chinese government, to multinational corporations on China strategies and transactions, and is a frequent commentator on the politics, economics, business, finance, philosophy and science of China. He is a columnist for China Daily and South China Morning Post and appears on the BBC, CNN, China Central Television, Bloomberg and other major media. He also publishes in various science outlets, including LiveScience.com and Space.com.