Did Paul Think Jesus Preexisted Before His Human Birth?

I think most Christians today would answer “yes” without much hesitation. The idea that “Jesus is God,” or the “Son of God, or at least that he is “Divine,” however that complex notion might be explained–seems pretty well a standard part of Christian faith. But was that the view of Jesus and his first followers–or was it a theological/philosophical concept, more akin to Plato than the Hebrew Bible–that developed over time. Since Paul is our earliest witness to what theologians call “Christology,” most just assume that he is in line with this idea of Jesus’ preexistence, followed by his “incarnation,” (“becoming a human being”), and his subsequent return to heaven as the glorified Christ. That idea surely does appear in other texts of the New Testament–especially in the gospel of John–but does Paul either originate or hold such an idea?

In this wide-ranging discussion (Yes, TWO HOURS!) with Derek Lambert, host of MythVision  @MythVision Podcast  , I talk about my understanding of the hotly disputed text of Philippians 2:5-10 as an “Adam” Christology rather than Jesus as a pre-existent Divine Being. We then range into a number of related topics, in particular, Paul’s view of “resurrection of the dead,” in which I sharply disagree with the standard interpretation of many  New Testament scholars. We also then get into what I call “Paul’s Greatest Idea,” the heavenly glorification of the “many children of God,” with Jesus being the “firstborn” of a new genus of these beings–heralds of the coming “New Creation” (see https://youtu.be/nZOAsuuGbRk ). These and other associated topics. I cover this in detail in my new book, Paul’s Ascent to Paradise (https://www.amazon.com/Pauls-Ascent-Paradise-Apostolic-Experiences/dp/B08GB52LTN).

What rather amazes me about these topics is that this video alone already has nearly 4000 folks viewing it–and believe it or not, many of them watch for the entire two hours. I really love that there is so much interest out there via Youtube in these more in-depth topics.

Thanks to Derek for hosting this and allowing me to share here. Please subscribe to his Youtube Channel  @MythVision Podcast 

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