Did Paul Consider Himself as a Kind of Second “Christ”?

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In my new book, Paul’s Ascent to Paradise–dealing with Paul’s mystical experience and his understanding of his “secret” message he calls “My Gospel,” as well as his message to the nations who had become “not my people.” I argue that Paul finds himself in Isaiah 49, he writes of being poured out as a sacrifice for his followers, and filling up the “measure of Christ’s suffering,” as he bears in his body the “stigma of Christ.” In this video I discuss this theory–but get the book for a full exposition.

Note: I am continuing to post  here on my blog the recent interviews I have done with with Derek Lambert, the dynamic autodidactic  host of MythVision Podcasts--which covers the gambit of religion, philosophy and history. Check it out–Derek has interviewed a “Who’s Who” of academics in my field of Christian Origins (Ehrman, Goodacre, Allison, Pagels, and many more), as well as over 1000 videos covering history, philosophy, science, religion, and culture.

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