Biblical Controversies and Enigmas

I am most pleased to note that one of my most popular Biblical Archaeology Society Seminars is on sale for a limited time at 75% off! I am not sure how long this sale will last and I should point out none of us receive royalties for such lectures, so when we promote them it is part of our wider educational mission to the public. These are DVDs with all the slides and illustrations included. DVD sets are usually so expensive one hesitates to buy them but at 75% off–you can’t beat this. People paid hundreds of dollars to attend this seminar. You can read about this extraordinary offer here. Here are the topics:

  • Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?
  • Surprises on Mt. Zion: Understanding Ancient Jerusalem
  • Counting Time: Biblical Chronology and Calendars Made Simple
  • What Does the Bible Really Say About Death, Afterlife and Resurrection?
  • King of the Jews: A Tale of Two Dynasties
  • Dead Messiahs Who Don’t Return
  • Parting of the Ways: When Did a New Religion Called Christianity Begin?
  • The Making of a Messiah
  • Tracing the Last Days of Jesus: The Latest Archaeological Evidence