Bible Answer Man Takes Down Tabor–or Not?

You be the judge!

Did Jesus really command his followers to “eat his body and drink his blood,” even symbolically? In my book, The Jesus Dynasty, I challenge that assumption historically. Here is a typical “refutation” of this view, by an evangelical Christian, the “Bible Answer Man,” who is no doubt sincere, completely butchers my position.


I might add here that I am more of a “Bible Question Man,” than a Bible Answer kind of guy. Like a good professor, I try to pose good question and clarify presupposition, rather than spout of dogmas and “truth.” However, I do believe that my 40 year Quest for the Historical Jesus had yielded some good results–and I trust, they are at least, in the “direction of the Truth,” as I often say. I don’t trust those who say they have “arrived.” And so, I guess I can classify myself proudly and happily as “ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth.”

For a summary of what I have said, see my blog:

Eat My Body, Drink My Blood–Did Jesus Ever Really Say This?

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