Bart Ehrman’s Blog: Not to be Missed!

I want to put in a good word this Sunday morning for Professor Bart Ehrman’s blog–my fellow New Testament scholar down the road at UNC Chapel Hill. Unlike other blogs out there you have to “pay” to read it–beyond the tantalizing leads that non-members can access. The cost is modest and every penny goes to feeding the hungry. I signed up several years ago with an automatic renewing subscription. I don’t always follow but when I can, as this morning, I love to dip in. Bart is incredibly gracious to his readers, giving of his time and opening his life and world of scholarship to all those who are members. Bart has just begun a series on “What I Believe” that is a riveting saga of his own journey, or perhaps I should say, paths, from Christian faith to where he finds himself today as a New Testament scholar.
Try this one on for size and I think you will be hooked. And no, Bart is not paying me for this plug!
You get 5-6 posts a week on meaty topics, all for very little money (less than 50 cents each week!). All the money goes to charity, so there is no downside. So join up today!