A Clean Slate


Good morning 2016 around the world. Good coffee, catching up on the news both on-line and TV. Feeling very grateful and thankful. For some reason Dylan’s words in his famous “Song to Woody” popped in my head:

Hey hey Woody Guthrie I wrote you a song
About a funny old world that’s coming along
Seems sick and it’s hungry, it’s tired and it’s torn
It looks like it’s dying and it’s hardly been born.

Nonetheless I am optimistic. We each have a clean slate each day and 2016 is only hours old. Our feeble ways of counting time, with a curious mixture of Roman/Greek/Julian/Gregorian elements in our calendar, none the less has powerful symbolic value. This is in fact 2016 and 2015 is past. A time for summing up and reflecting and making our resolutions for the future. Many of us, in contrast to those hungry and dying or in war torn areas or hemmed in by oppression, have amazing freedom to choose and change and be better than in the past, charting a path based on the weightier things; love, kindness, justice, truth and righteousness. A clean slate.