The Jewish Roman World of Jesus: A Newly Designed Web Site

The award-winning web site that I began back in 1993 called “The Jewish Roman World of Jesus” has had over 5 million “visits” over the past two decades. It is used by students and faculty colleagues alike in accessing original source materials related to the study of the historical Jesus, the New Testament, earliest Christianity, ancient Judaism, the Dead Sea Scrolls, apocalypticism, archaeology, the ancient Mediterranean world, et al. When I teach Christian Origins, or my more specialized courses on Paul, Jesus, James, John the Baptist, or the Dead Sea Scrolls this web site becomes the basic “textbook” to guide us to our primary courses.

It has now been moved and redesigned and will be regularly expanded and updated. This is a site that lends itself to “endless browsing” with its hundreds of pages of documents.

You can visit the new page here but just to whet your interest the following are the entries under “Christian Origins and the New Testament”:

Are You the One? The Textual Dynamics of Messianic Self-Identity
Authentic Sayings of Jesus
New Testament Texts on the Imminence of the End
The Kingdom of God in the Synoptic Tradition
Patterns of the End: Qumran to Waco
The Gospel According to Q
Notes on Mark
Notes on Matthew
Notes on the Gospel of Luke
Color-Coded Luke
The Q-Source Based on Luke
The Message and Mission of Paul
The Problems in Corinth
Notes on Romans
The Corinthian Correspondence
John the Baptizer in the Gospel Traditions
Post-Biblical Traditions on John the Baptizer
Essays on John the Baptizer
The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew
Primary Sources on James the Just
Essays on James the Brother of Jesus
Narrative Movement in the Gospel of John
Why 2K? – The Biblical Roots of Millennialism