Don’t Miss My University Web Site: “The Jewish Roman World of Jesus”

My university Web site called “The Jewish Roman World of Jesus” contains a world of resources, mostly primary texts, that I use in my various classes on Christian origins, both graduate and undergraduate. One of my more ambitious students printed out the entire web site and I think it ended up running over 500 pages! Various professors, colleagues, and students have linked to it in their courses and it has a very high traffic volume. I think we quit counting after a million visitors some years ago.

This is the kind of site you can browse endlessly and I invite my blog readers to dip in as you wish and link as you will. Any of these materials can be freely used so long as proper credit is given. Thanks to Michael McKinney of Century One Bookstore, who designed this site for me nearly two decades ago. And while I am on this subject, be sure and browse the Century One site for a well chosen selection of biblical and archaeological resources at discount prices.