The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on “Christianity Before Paul”

If you want to read an exhaustive selection of comments on God, the Bible, Religion, Christianity, and especially Paul, check out the responses so far to my Huffington Post article from Thursday titled “Christianity Before Paul.” Last night there were about 300 comments and I see this morning there are over 800!

People love to talk about religion and the Bible but what is just unbelievable is the wide range of opinions, passion, style, presuppositions, and proclamations on a subject like this. I am thinking there is no subject like “the apostle Paul” to bring out the best and the worst of what is right and wrong in terms of how we go about approaching a rational, historical, discussion of Christianity in our culture. I was thinking of having my Christian Origins students analyze the various presuppositions reflected in the points of view of a selected sample of say 25 of these comments for their final exam. I think they might find that a very stimulating exercise. We who teach in the area of the academic study of religion certainly have our work cut out for us.