Too Holy for Sex?: The Problem of a Married Jesus

The Bible contains no explicit mentions of Jesus being either married or not married, but few churches have room for the idea of a sexual Jesus. The Catholic Church’s celibate priesthood is built on the belief that Jesus was not married. Eastern Orthodox priests are often married, but the church teachings don’t mention a married Jesus. Protestant ministers are allowed to marry, but there again, it is not common to teach that Jesus himself was married.

Becky Bratu of NBC News has just filed a new story titled “Too Holy for Sex? The Problem of a Married Jesus,” on some of the implications of the “Jesus as married” issue upon various religious groups with a roundup of quotes from Cky Carrigan, April DeConick, Ben Witherington, and others. I think she does a good job of representing views across the spectrum. I was particularly fascinated with the link to Carrigan’s paper on the Mormon teachings about a married Jesus, which so far as I have seen, Romney publicity notwithstanding, is not generally well known. See her full story here.