Two Recommendations on the “Jesus Wife” Fragment

There is so much in the news media and blogging world right now on the so-called “Jesus wife” papyrus fragment that I doubt if anyone could possible keep up. In sorting through some of it I found April DeConick’s reasonable and seasoned comments, as an expert in this field, quite helpful, see her blog post “Did Jesus Have a Wife?” here. I also found the very human “Inside Story,” published in the Smithsonian magazne, to be most enlightening, both on Karen King’s process of discovery and how this latest find fits into her overall understanding of early Christianity. Don’t miss this one, see here.

I am already seeing posts charging that the fragment is a forgery and one has to wonder if people have even read the draft of Karen King’s Harvard Theological Review paper here, very carefully where most of the issues being raised about authenticity are addressed quite thoroughly. I am kind of amazed that the considered judgments of Roger Bagnall, AnneMarie Luijendijk and Ariel Shisha-Halevy, who addressed the challenge of one peer reviewer who had cast doubts on the text, are being dismissed out of hand by bloggers who have had all of three days now to consider the issue.