Simcha Jacobovici on the “Jesus Wife” Papyrus Fragment

Simcha Jacobovici, documentary filmmaker and adjunct professor of Religious Studies at Huntington University, has just published a piece on his take on the circumstances and significance of the publication of the “Jesus wife” papyrus fragment this week. He also includes a nice roundup of press coverage with links. Here’s an excerpt, you can read his entire essay here.

The fact is that the atmosphere created for any such discovery is one of ridicule and personal attacks masquerading as academic debate. What’s incredible about this find is Professor Karen King’s honesty. Take a look at her “scientific method”. She admits that she didn’t want to look at the papyrus! She admits that she was conditioned by 1,600 years of theology to refuse to even consider the possibility that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. She admits that she thought it was a forgery. It was only the unrelenting lobbying by the private owner of the papyrus that finally got her to approach two other academics (Professor Roger Bagnall and Professor Ariel Shisha-Halevy) who authenticated the find. Think about it: what the story of this discovery tells us is that academics are afraid to publish such discoveries, that people who do publish such material are libeled and personally attacked, and that it took a fluke for this discovery to see the light of day.