Did Jesus Exist? An All Out War Among the Experts

I recently called attention here to the rather spirited response of Thomas Thompson to Bart Ehrman regarding how the so-called “mythicists” are portrayed in his new book, Did Jesus Exist? on the web site Bible and Interpretation. Previously, Thompson’s co-editor, Thomas Verenna had taken Ehrman to task as well on the same site here, asserting:

While Ehrman spends a great deal of time analyzing the evidence, he does so in ways which ignore the more recent critical scholarship which undercuts his entire position. In other words, the case for a historical Jesus is far weaker than Ehrman lets on.

The Jesus of Christian Imagination

Just today Maurice Casey has posted a response to Thomas Thompson, not so much to defend Ehrman, he says, as to point out that Thompson is simply incompetent as a New Testament scholar. His provocative title, “Is Not This an Incompetent New Testament scholar? A Response to Thomas L. Thompson,” is meant to be a play on Thompson’s original post, “Is This Not the Carpenter’s Son?” You don’t want to miss these exchanges. You might also want to take a look at Prof. Casey’s sharp overview of the “mythicist” position here. As John Loftus recently pointed out, there is an “all out war” on this topic bouncing back and forth in the biblioblogosphere, see his post here.